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VibePlate XL Versatility Whole Body Vibration by Vibe Plate

VibePlate XL Versatility Whole Body Vibration by Vibe Plate
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Model vp_xl
Manufacturer VibePlate
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VibePlate XL Versatility Whole Body Vibration Therapy Plate by Vibe Plate

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Lead Time 3 - 4 business days
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VibePlate XL Versatility Description

This triple-wide VibePlate model provides the best option if you’re interested in lying down on the platform. Relax your back and stomach muscles while our revolutionary vibration technology massages your muscles, and stimulates your muscular and skeletal systems.

The VibePlate XL is also great for fitness centers or home gyms. Now you can sit or lie down and fully stretch your stomach, back and leg muscles while remaining completely on the VibePlate.

This triple-wide VibePlate is like owning 3 VibePlates for less than twice the price! The Model XL is the size of a Yoga Mat. World-known Yoga Instructors like Gwen Lawrence love it and are using it in their everyday activities.

VibePlate XL Versatility Features

Health & Fitness

Just 15 Minutes a Day, 3x a Week

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) helps the whole body stay in shape. Becoming fitter, healthier and stronger. WBV massages, relaxes, strengthens and tones the body. Affects circulation, flexibility, range of motion and loss of cellulite.

VibePlate gives you the opportunity to exercise and gain without a strenuous workout. VibePlate helps strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, increase range of motion, increase balance, reduces cellulite, less fat tissue and a toner

body. Some of the effects can be seen almost immediately.

VibePlate, the path to a healthier and fitter life


Sports Performance

Get the Competitive Edge

The Journal of Sports Sciences says that lifting weights while on the vibration platform increases the effectiveness and results of strength training.

Athletes are always looking for better ways to get the competitive edge. That is why Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training is quickly sweeping through the sports industry at the high school, college and professional levels. VibePlate can help provide athletes with that competitive edge.

In WBV, mechanical vibrations are transmitted to the body through a vibration plate. As it stimulates fast twitch muscle fibers, there is dramatic increase to explosive strength, motor learning, muscular endurance and overall agility.

All this results in more strength, more speed, more stamina, rapid recovery of muscles and tissue, increased flexibility, mobility and coordination. At a rate up to 2x faster than conventional training.


Medical & Rehabilitation

Vibration Therapy Has Advantages Compared to Conventional Therapy

The medical benefits and advantages of vibration therapy as testified by medical professionals that use the VibePlate, are tremendous. Vibration therapy and exercise on the VibePlate is becoming an everyday part of their rehab and therapy programs. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is being accepted world wide by major medical, rehabilitation and therapeutic centers throughout the world, as well as our United States Military.

The VibePlate is one of the few vibration plates that give off vertical vibrations, which is preferred by medical professionals and fitness trainers alike. VibePlate allows people with conditions such as Peripheral Neuropathy, osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Spinal Stenosis, stroke victims, Parkinson's Disease, back pain, obesity and more, to benefit from vibration therapy, vibration exercise and vibration training on the plate within their personal limitations.

VibePlate also allows the patient to go through physical therapy, rehab exercise and massage rehab with less pain...drug free. WBV can also energize, increase range of motion, rebuild healthy muscle tissue, increase circulation, reduce tension and stress in a very short time.


Active Aging

Live A Longer and Healthier Life

Live a longer and healthier life. VibePlate wants to be a part of that. Loss of bone density, muscle mass, decreased flexibility and range of motion, gain of fat cells, poor circulation and wrinkling of the skin is all a part of the aging process. Inactivity is a major factor in all of this.

VibePlate provides the perfect tool that can help improve quality of life. VibePlate can help you become stronger and healthier without the need for a strenuous workout. Simply standing on the VibePlate increases flexibility and range of motion in a very short time. 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week on the VibePlate can help build strong muscle tissue, reduce strain on ligaments,tendons and joints, enhance blood circulation, tone your skin, help fight osteoporosis, increase range of motion and flexibility.

Doctors who have VibePlate tell us that they have elderly clients who tellthem the VibePlate energizes them for the whole day.

VibePlate XL Versatility Specs

  • Dimensions: 24" x 72"
  • Capacity: 18000lbs
  • Speed: 10-60Hz
  • Weight: 250lbs


  • lifetime on all parts except motor.
  • Motor: 5 years

VibePlate XL Versatility Images

VibePlate XL
VibePlate XL Versatility Whole Body Vibration Therapy Plate by Vibe Plate

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