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Turbo Sonic X5 Whole Body Vibration Trainer by Turbo Sonic

Turbo Sonic X5 Whole Body Vibration Trainer by Turbo Sonic
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MSRP: $12,995.00
Our Price: $8,999.00
Savings: $3,996.00 (31%)
Model turbox5
Manufacturer TurboSonic®
Shipping Fee $399.00 within the contiguous 48 states. Contact us for orders outside USA.
5% shipping discount when you buy more than one.

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TurboSonic X5 Whole Body Vibration Trainer by Turbo Sonic

Limited stock. No warranty at this price. Product has been discontinued. White and Silver available. Consider the Sonix Professional which has replaced this unit. 

Shipping: Ships within 2-3 business days
Delivery time: 5 business days

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The Turbo Sonic line has been discontinued and replaced with:
Sonix Pulsation
Sonix Personal
Sonix Professional 


Why buy a TurboSonic x5 from OC Fitness?

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

1. Free 1+ hour consult on using the turbo and exactly how to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. $600 value
2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
3. Price match guarantee. We'll beat any advertised price. Call for details.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
We're so confident you'll love the way you look AND feel after using the Turbo Sonic that we give you 30 days to try it. If you're not 100% satisfied, send it back to us and you'll receive a full refund (less shipping and any applicable fees (see return policy). You're protected by the best guarantee and we will stand by it completely.

You'll be guided step by step.
Not only will you get the best technology in whole body vibration, you'll be shown step by step how to use it based on YOUR NEEDS. That's right, we'll take the time by phone to get to know your objectives, eating habits, and lifestyle. The day your machine arrives, you will call our toll-free number and schedule the appointment. It's that simple. You won't have to do any guessing. It'll be like we're right there with you.

1 Hour consultation on ways to use the Turbo. $600 value! Our gift to you.
We'll discuss your goals and how to get you

Change your health in 10 minutes a day!

Turbo Sonic Videos - Watch how Turbo Sonic can change your life!

Imagine "waking up" your body from a stagnant state. What if you could tone muscle and increase bone strength? Oh, did we mention all that's required is standing still? No way, you say? Russian cosmonauts began using vibration therapy to reduce the effects of zero-G environments which allowed for longer periods in space without muscle atrophy. Tell the astronauts that their extended time in space without muscle loss was a fluke. Aside from the hundreds of personal users who have brought TurboSonic into their lives, hundreds of Doctors and health-care practitioners use TurboSonic daily with their patients. TurboSonic "turbo charges" what the body does naturally.



Blood before and after using a sonic vibration



blood before and after using a sonic vibration


What is the TurboSonic X5 & how do you use it?

The latest Turbo on the block (the X5). It's a blend of the x7 and the Professional. If you want the look of the x7 with a lower price tag, but still want the power of the 15K Pro, the x5 is the choice. How do you use it? Just step up to the plate (no pun intended) and turn on one of the many programs! You'll vibrate for 10 minutes at varying degrees of amplitude (G-force) and frequency (up and down vibrations per second). The frequency range is from 3Hz-50Hz. You can do isometrics, stretch, lunges, curls, or just stand there and relax. It depends on your goals. The amplitude (or volume) is the height at which the plate goes up and down. The higher up the plate goes in a given frequency, the greater the G-force. There's also a manual mode which allows for targeted time, frequency, and amplitude sessions which allow you to affect specific muscle groups or provide focus to areas of therapeutic requirements.

Why is the TurboSonic X5 different?

Sonic Whole-Body Vibration (SWBV) employs a speaker system with new magnetic circuits, rather than vibration spin motors. SWBV worked diligently to overcome all negative aspects of vibration motors. Vibration spin motors have noises and flaws, which result in mechanical abrasions. They simply cannot function at the level that SWBV does.

Many types of intermediate sports, like walking, power walking, horse riding, etc. are performed at low frequencies, between 1 ~ 8 Hz. It is now possible with SWBV to exercise at these ultra low frequencies. With SWBV, you can control the intensity, from 3 to 50 Hz. Better yet, the movements are only vertical, which is the direction we experience through most of our physical activities.


Which Turbo Sonic model is best for you?

Let's keep this real simple. We suggest you get the least expensive model that holds your weight. If you're under 300 lbs, get the Sonic Life. The Sonic Life is our premier home unit and carries a 3 year parts warranty for home use only. If you're using the Turbo in a commercial setting, get the least expensive unit that meets the weight demantds. If you have no idea what the weight of the individuals using it will be, (e.g., in a club) get the Professional or X7. The X7 offers more programs than the other two AND it allows you to stand anywhere on the plate without the machine having a fit. The Deluxe and Professional require symmetrical weight distribution while standing. The X7 doesn't care a bit. Do anything. Calf raises on the edge, you name it.

TurboSonic X7 $15,995 - commercial & home machine, 3-50Hz. Holds 507 lbs. Suggested for high-volume use in commercial locations.Comes in Silver, Black, Red, Gold, Yellow, White, Green, and Blue. Can handle asymmetrical weight distribution. Warranty for home and commercial use.
TurboSonic X5 $12,995 - commercial & home machine, 3-50Hz. Holds 330 lbs. Suggested for home use and commercial.Comes in Silver and White. Can handle asymmetrical weight distribution. Warranty for home and commercial use.
TurboSonic Professional 14,995- commercial & home machine, 3-50Hz. Holds 484 lbs. Suggested for high-volume use in commercial locations. Comes in Silver or Red. Cannot handle asymmetrical weight distribution. Warranty for home and commercial use.
TurboSonic Deluxe $12,995 DISCONTINUED-REPLACED BY X5 - commercial & home machine, 6-45Hz. Holds 300 lbs.Comes in White only. Cannot handle asymmetrical weight distribution. Warranty for home and commercial use.
TurboSonic Ovation DISCONTINUED AND REPLACED BY SONIX PULSATION $7,500 - home machine, 3-60 Hz. Holds 250 lbs. Black. Cannot handle asymmetrical weight distribution.Warranty for home use only.


Financing a Turbo Sonic X5

Get a 100% tax credit if you meet the ADA requirements. Handicapped individuals can take advantage of the TurboSonic ADA compliant guidelines.


Turbo Sonic X5 Specifications
  • Frequency Range: 3~ 25Hz, 25~50Hz
  • Weight Capacity: Max 330 lbs
  • Power Source: 110 ~ 120V 60 Hz AC
  • Power Consumption: 300 Watt/500 watts
  • Size: 32" X 37" X61"
  • Weight: 281 lbs
  • Voice Coil: 267 x 1
  • Operating Temperature: 32 -140F
  • Programs:12 Pre-set programs: 1-12, Program 1 Standard Mode, Program 2. Children, Program 3 Elderly, Program 4 Massage, Programs 5 through 12 target different body parts. 2 Manual modes (low & high frequency)
  • Finish: Metallic powder coat
  • Colors: Silver & White
  • Click here to download the manual

turbosonic certificate
Domestic and overseas Certifications

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


Note: no warranty at this price.

Delivery & Setup

turbosonic shipping and deliveryAfter your order is placed, you will receive a call from us. We will go over your installation requirements. Once we have completed the phone call with you, your order will be booked for shipping. Your Turbo will take approximately 2 weeks for delivery. You will receive a phone call prior to delivery which is your "appointment" call. They will advise the day and time of delivery and confirm everything.

Will-call: If you wish to pickup your Turbo at our Temecula or Santa Ana warehouse in CA, please do not order online and call us directly.


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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 28 February, 2010.
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