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TheraSuana Four Person Far Infrared Sauna TS8454 Thera Sauna

TheraSuana Four Person Far Infrared Sauna TS8454 Thera Sauna
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MSRP: $7,295.00
Our Price: $6,295.00
Savings: $1,000.00 (14%)
Model therasaunadualts7951
Manufacturer TheraSauna
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Sound System with AM FM Stereo &:
Entertainment Pkg: 7 inch LCD Fl:
Aspen Leisure Kit:
Inside delivery (not including s:
FREE MPS Touch Screen Controller:


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TheraSuana Four Person Far-Infrared Sauna TS8454 Thera Sauna

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Allow 3-4 weeks for item to ship then 1 week for delivery. All units built to order. 

Far infrared has the power to heal the human body

Harness the power of the sun. Far infrared is part of the sun?s invisible light spectrum that is essential to plants, animals and humans. Infrared heat is a form of energy that penetrates the body by warming muscles and tissue directly without heating the intervening air. The body produces infrared energy to keep us warm and repair body tissue. Far infrared energy is radiated through the skin at 3 to 50 microns with the greatest output at 9.4 microns. Occasionally the infrared energy in our body tissue needs a boost to insure healing and tissue repair. The body will selectively absorb infrared to boost a tissue?s infrared energy. This process is called resonant absorption. Far infrared rays are completely safe and are used in hospitals to warm newborn babies.
Benefits of Far Infrared on the Human Body

The human body also absorbs infrared in the 3 to 50 micron range, The far infrared waves between 6 to 14 microns have proven to have special regenerative effects on the body, with an optimum absorption at the 9.4 micron frequency. TheraSauna® emits the greatest amount of infrared in the 9.4 micron range. When any cell or tissue in the body is exposed to these levels of infrared heat, response mechanisms stimulate the healing process in the body. Click here to see a chart that illustrates the range of beneficial infrared.
Far infrared heat waves:

* Dilate blood vessels and capillaries, providing increased flow of rich oxygenated blood to muscles and joints.
* Reduce muscle spasms and promote healing of injured and sore muscle fibers.
* Improves flow within the lymphatic system to reduce swelling and inflammation.
* Stimulates cellular and enzyme activity.
* Promotes the adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane

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TheraSuana Four Person Far-Infrared Sauna TS7951 Interior


World-wide patented StableHeat™ technology helps create the most constant and beneficial levels of far infrared

TheraSauna® is the only company to use aspen hardwood, which is non-toxic and


Our saunas utilize solid ceramic TheraMitters™ that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications to provide the best and most beneficial levels of infrared

TheraSauna® exceeds the levels required for CSA certification on our complete unit (not just on particular parts

TheraSauna® also meets the requirements to be UL and CE certified

TheraSauna® emits very low levels of EMF, compared to the high levels of EMF produced by saunas using solo carbon materials and rod emitters

TheraSauna®'s parent company, QCA Spas, is the only American manufacturer of far infrared saunas

TheraSauna®'s parent company, QCA Spas, has been in business since 1966


TheraSauna®'s uncompromising features show true! No other infrared sauna on the market comes close to offering you the level of sophistication and quality that TheraSauna® does. See a sample of what makes TheraSauna® the superior choice for the discriminating consumer.

TheraSuana Four Person Far-Infrared Sauna TS7951 Features:

small image of an outlet and a plugsmall image of TheraSauna's bolt together designsmall image of our TheraSauna's screened roofsmall image of TheraSauna's SoftTouch controlssmall image of TheraSauna's decorative roof moldingsmall image of TheraSauna's decorative foot moldingsmall image of TheraSauna's curved back rest and seatsmall image of TheraSauna's tulip lighting
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FREE $300 MPS Touchview Controller - Click for Details


Specifications for TheraSuana Four Person Far-Infrared Sauna TS8454

TS7951 Straight Bench
86.75" W x 52" D x 78" H
120 volt/1835 watt/15.3 amp
20-Amp Plug
12 TheraMitter heaters
Full Tempered Glass Door & Window (front view)
Capacity: 4 people
CD Player AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth included


  • Labor: One year for everything
  • Controls: 3 years parts
  • TheraMitter™ Heating Elements- Lifetime


Wood options for TheraSuana Four Person Far-Infrared Sauna TS8454



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