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    OC Fitness Source » Pages » Fitness Equipment Sale » Used Fitness Equipment - USED ROM360 Machine, Used Turbo Sonic, Used Total Gym GTS & Power Tower
Used Fitness Equipment - USED ROM360 Machine, Used Turbo Sonic, Used Total Gym GTS & Power Tower

Used Fitness Equipment: Used Rom360 Machines, Used Turbosonic, Used Power Plate, Used Octane Ellipticals, Used, Used Star Trac, Used Total Gym GTS Classic PowerTowers, used imrs pemf, used imrs 2000, Used True Treadmills, True PS300 Home Treadmill


ROMs below do not quality for the $2999 pricing mentioned in the above video. We sold out of those units. 

Learn why the MFR wants you to believe NOBODY but they can ship or service a ROM! Apparently, only ROM knows what they are doing!

You may have read some information on the mfr's site that put you on the fence. Understood. However, let's point out some very alarming statements made by ROM. This should disarm your fears from the outright lies and deception created by a company who chooses not to support anyone who needs to sell their ROM or buy one second hand. 

A: Quote from the mfr: "We no dot support these sales: we no longer provide parts or service for machines purchased from someone other than ROMfab."

This is like Mercedes saying they will no longer support any used car dealer who sells pre-owned Mercedes. This is a very focused strategy to retain sales with their new and/or refurbished ROMs.  Making a statement that brokers do not know how to ship the product is absurd. There may be a few bad eggs out there, but we have shipped more product in boxes, out of box, crated, palletized, etc. than they could ever dream of. In 1 year alone we shipped over 100 TONs of equipment with damage under 1% caused BY THE CARRIER. Not us. Do you really think we would ship a piece of equipment on its side???!!! ROM has done a very good job of taking the worst-case photos and telling you a great "story."  In fact, their photo of a ROM lying on its side came from a buyer who dropped it off their forklift while moving it. So ROM decided to take an opportunity and spin it. Look carefully at the photo on their site. The straps are broken. So is the pallet. Clearly it all came crashing down and the owner put it back on. Then they called ROM, not the seller for parts because they know it was their fault. How do we know this? Because WE SOLD IT! That picture was sent to us first asking how we can help fix the ROM THEY DROPPED!!!! We told them to call ROM for parts. We have the original email to prove it! ROM will likely take the photo off their site now that we've brought attention to their misinformation. We have been selling fitness equipment for over 11 years. We have a database of over 1000 technicians Nationwide who can service the unit. It's not a particle collider. So, you decide. Spend 2-3 times more and buy from the mfr and get a refurbished unit, or get a pre-owned 13 point inspected ROM from us. We do NOT sell them sight unseen. No ROM will ever ship to you unless a qualified tech has done the inspection and certified it for use. EVERY single ROM we sell gets inspected before it ships to you. If there is a problem, we either fix it or halt the sale and get you another unit. And remember, if we don’t deliver what we promise, your credit card is your best defense. Call them and reverse the charges due to us sending you a ROM that is not what we claim you will receive. That has never happened to us. 

All our USED ROM360 machines are CLASS "A" USED UNITS (used, but in the highest level of condition). Our ROM Machines are free from oxidation, rust, scratches, dents, or tears in the fabric. All ROM Machines for sale below look close to new. Regardless of their age, they all have the same exact features (unless otherwise noted). ROM Machine has not changed a single thing on their machines in many, many years. None of the units below have something different or newer features than the others (unless otherwise noted).



  • All ROM Machines are tested using a 13 point inspection list for functionality (including electronics).
  • Unit is then detailed (chrome polished, chain lubricated and all black surfaces degreased and cleaned).
  • Any worn parts that require replacing are replaced with longer lasting parts than the originals.
  • Then we fully crate it or palletize it to keep it safe during its journey to you. FULLY insured. 

ROM Machine - Used ROM360

ROM360 4 Minute Exercise - The Four Minute Cross Trainer

4 available. Excellent condition! 13 Point Inspected Pre-Owned ROM360 with Warranty

Price: From $4999+


Rom Excercises Machine - used, main view






XLR8 Power Trainer (new)


  • Hand made in USA
  • Solid 304 stainless steel arms & legs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Uses iPod, iPhone or Android and Digifit app for performace display
  • Self powered (no plugs needed!)
  • Superior front handle biomechanics provide a more effective workout
  • Rear handles designed to minimize wrist strain
  • Internal components not exposed to increase safety
  • Rust proof
  • Rear foot pedals allows for calf building with overside platforms
  • Greater resistance than anyting in its class
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Takes up 50% less space than Quick Gym! Only 3' x 9'


Location: PA
$11,995 includes lifetime warranty*
$599 ships fully assembled & crated

Compare XLR8 Power Trainer to ROM360 Time Machine

Rom Excercises Machine - used, price cut

* Warranty on select ROM360 include specific wear items: seats, chains, all grips, chain tensioner, CAMS and pedals. Labor covered at your home or place of business.




Star Trac 3 Tier Beauty Bell Rack Display Unit


Never used display unit for sale!

Shipping: $299 Item ships assembled on a pallet delivered to curb.

Item Location: Mesa, AZ

Click here to order or for more imformation

Star Trac Sale






IMRS pemf irms 2000
Complete imrs system
Call for details




Matrix T5x Treadmill for sale -  USED

$2299 + $399 shipping
New control board. Serviced and cleaned.

Condition: Excellent condition. 
View here

Why buy from OC Fitness?

OC Fitness has been in the industry for over 10 years. We have experience in high-end fitness and medical equipment. We move on average 89 tons of equipment yearly. We can facilitate delivery and inside setup up or down stairs. We're open 7 days a week and we actually answer our phones!


ROM360 Q&A

Why do they vary in price? What are the differences?
There are no differences but age and usage (unless it's a ROM360 in the lower serial number 3xxx). If it has holes in the foot pads, it's the older style, but still no functional differences. The older the unit, the less we pay for it.

Why are people selling these used ROM360 machines if they are so great?
We ask the sellers of these units and the answer is always, "We need the money, or "we are moving to smaller quarters."

Why are the prices so low?
There are a lot of people in financial crisis and they need money fast. The more ROM Machines for sale, the less they sell for. As the economy takes a turn back North, fewer folks will be letting go of this amazing machine and the used market prices will soar. In general, these should be selling for $2000-3000 more than what we have listed. Don't be surprised if you come back one day and all our used ROMs are over $10,000+. Take advantage now. We've never seen them this low.

Parts & Service?
It's ALL ABOUT SERVICE. We provide our own replacement parts (wear items) that are stronger and better made components that last longer than the originals. You're welcome to speak with any of our ROM360 customers regarding their exemplary service from us and view our "public report card" on ebay.

How do you sell us your ROM360?
Simply e-mail two pictures. One photo of the back of the ROM Machine seat showing the serial number and 1 side view. These must be high-res clear photos. Provide your city/state/zip and if it's upstairs, downstairs, or ground floor. Please tell us your story. What is included? What kind of condition is it in? How many times was it used? (approx). How old is it? NOTE: your phone number is required in the e-mail as we will need to call you to discuss the purchase. Any details are helpful. e-mail the images to We will respond back with an offer to purchase and a contract for you to sign.

All our ROM Machines are checked using a 13 point inspection BEFORE we ship. See each ROM360 above for warranty details. Extended 1 year parts & labor warranty packages are available for $299 per year.

Warranty on select ROM Machines include specific wear items: seats, chains, all grips, chain tensioner, CAMS and pedals. These parts are not original ROM360 parts, but are after market parts that are made specifically for the ROM Machine and/or work correctly with the unit. Labor covered at your home or place of business.

Shipping time & Delivery 
Expect at least 3 weeks from date of payment until the item is delivered. It may take longer or arrive sooner depending on where the ROM360 is located in relation to you. ROM Machine is delivered fully assembled on a pallet or crate in front of your home. You are responsible for unpacking and moving it into your home. However, if you require services to unpack and move into the home (ground floor, up or down stairs), we offer white glove inside delivery & setup. In some cases, depending on doorway sizes and stair case layout, the front handlebars must be removed. This may raise the price of white glove service.

Own a ROM360 for as low as $150 a month!

Get approved within 2 hours! Interest rates startng at 6%. Apply today and get your fitness equipment tomorrow!

Apply Now or Get Quote on Equipment Financing & Leasing from Paramount Financial Services




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