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Star Trac E-TRxe Treadmill Review

Star Trac ETRXe Treadmill Review – 9-9073-MUSAP3

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Editor's Comments- Star Trac ETRXe Review:

The Star Trac E-TRxe treadmill is Star Trac’'s top unit. Period. This treadmill features two upgrades not found on any other Star Trac unit together. These features are:

• 15” imbedded flat screen operated by touch. You can control the treadmill on this touch screen and instantly switch to watching TV on the very same screen!
• 20% Max elevation is outrageous and nothing out there compares.

If you've got the pocket book for such a work of art, the ETRxe is hands down the Ferarri of treadmills. The photos don't do it justice. When this is delivered/setup, it will blow your mind. You won’'t know if you should take pictures or workout on it. You will get your dollars worth!

If you don'’t need a flat screen TV built into the treadmill or the 20% elevation, we suggest the Star Trac E-TR to begin with and decide if you want an elevation greater than 15%. If so, move up the ladder to the E-TRx. The Star Trac E-TRxe is one of the most popular “media” treadmills on the market. If you want to compare the E-TRxe to all the other Star Trac treadmills, click the “Compare Star Trac Treadmills” link above to download the PDF comparison file.

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This article was published on Tuesday 26 November, 2013.
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