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Honey Girl Organics Rejuvenating Mask 1.75 fl. oz

Honey Girl Organics Rejuvenating Mask 1.75 fl. oz
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Model honeygirlmask
Manufacturer Honey Girl Organics
Shipping Fee $6.95 within the contiguous 48 states. Contact us for orders outside USA.
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Honey Girl Organics Rejuvenating Mask 1.75 fl. oz

Stock Status: in stock
Ships from: Yorba Linda, CA 92887
Shipping: ships same day if ordered by 12PM, PST or it ships the next business day (weekends not included)
Shipping: $6.95 within the contiguous 48 states. Contact us for orders outside USA.


Honey Girl Organics Rejuvenating Mask Description

We always say, if you cannot eat it, don't put in on your skin. What goes on your skin goes directly into your blood without the benefit of the liver filtering the toxins. The Honey Girl Organics line of skin products are completely edible!

Enhance collagen production and stimulate new cell growth with Honey Girl Organics’ Rejuvenating Mask. It softens and moisturizes while providing the skin with the nutrition it needs to look and feel its best. This organic skincare Mask is good for all skin types.

Directions: Cleanse the face and leave slightly moist. Gently apply the Honey Girl Rejuvenating Mask, avoiding delicate areas around the eyes and mouth. Leave on for 10-15 minutes while relaxing. Wash off with lukewarm water. Pat skin dry and apply a moisturizer like our Face and Eye Cream or Night Cream.

Honey Girl Organics Rejuvenating Mask Ingredients:

Raw Pupukea Honey, French green clay, organic diatomaceous earth, Hawaiian blue green algae, Royal Jelly, propolis.

These ingredients are packed with nutrition and healing qualities. In its natural and raw state, honey contains many vitamins and minerals, plus anti-oxidants, antibiotics, and antimicrobial agents. Raw honey provides worker bees with all the nutrition they need. Royal jelly contains additional compounds and it is the food that allows queen bees to live for many years and produce 2000 fertile eggs a day. Beeswax has natural antibiotics and other healing agents that have been recognized for thousands of years as good for the skin. Honey Girl Organics uses all these ingredients in Honey Girl skin care products and intentionally keeps these ingredients in their most simple and basic forms so that the body will recognize them as nutrition.


Why choose Honey Girl Organics

Honey Girl Organics offers you a line of organic, natural skin care products from Hawaii. These creams, toners, and balms are hand made from various blends of nature’s finest anti-aging ingredients. The combinations work together to heal and renew the skin, giving you a fresh, youthful appearance.

Honey Girl Organics products are simple and pure, made from organic ingredients harvested from our beehives on the North Shore of Oahu. They contain organic raw honey, beeswax, propolis, and bee pollen, along with organic extra virgin olive oil. Some of Honey Girl Organics organic skincare products also include purified water and different blends of essential oils to give them a pleasing fragrance and additional healing properties.

Honey Girl Organics Rejuvenating Mask 1.75 fl. oz

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 30 August, 2013.
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