Fitness Equipment » Fitness Equipment Comparison Charts » Compare XLR8 Power Trainer to the Quick Gym ROM360 Machine
Compare XLR8 Power Trainer to the Quick Gym ROM360 Machine

Compare XLR8 Power Trainer to the Quick Gym ROM360 Machine

XLR8 Power Trainer vs Quick Gym Rom Machine ROM Machine. Comparison & Review.

Rom Machine vs The xlr8 power trainer

Rom360 Machine
Quick Gym Rom Machine vs the xlr8 machine


$13,995 plus $699 shipping including crate

$14,615 plus $185 crating + $700+ shipping


3/8" solid steel closed frame with thermoplastic polyureas coating Steel tube open frame powder coated


Industrial grade black man made leather with 304 stainless steel back plates. Optional custom color upholstery available

Black vinyl


Sleek 21st Century European Design

Designed in early '90s with no advancements


12 levels of resistance via a simple knob on the side of the machine; uses magnetic resistance for smooth, consistent motion; no parts to wear. Adjust while seated on-the-fly

Uses centrifugal force to increase resistance as wheel spins faster. Wheel must be fully stopped to adjust by sliding a weight scale indicator


No exposed flywheel or internal parts (resistance can be adjusted on-the-fly while seated)

Spinning fly-wheel can be dangerous around kids and pets. Moving parts exposed

On-Board Fitness Monitor

iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Android uses Digifit app for sensors that measure time, speed, heart rate, watts, calories, etc. (a true fitness computer) downloadable to your computer for fitness analysis. Save $200 off the XLR8 by using your own

LED display. Provides a percentage of target score & countdown timer.

Front Handles

Solid stainless steel handles rotate 360 degrees for multiple hand and arm positions

Steel chrome plated (rusts). Single position fixed plane

Front Bars

90 degree swing which allows you to work different muscle groups on-the-fly. Both arms work independently from each other

Fixed plane; chrome plated (rusts)

Front Foot Pads

.25" inch solid cold rolled steel with same coating as frame. Stainless steel adjustment slides

12 gauge steel uses frame for slide


Stainless steel

Steel (rusts)


Custom made industrial strength with a hard nickel chrome coating

Decorative chrome


Stainless steel (won't rust)



High-grade industrial bearings for use 24/7 365

Steel bearings

Back Foot Pads

.25" inch solid cold rolled steel with same coating as frame. 13" oversized pad. Holds entire foot

Plastic Bicycle pedals

Rear Stepper Handles

Ergonomically designed to minimize wrist and shoulder strain. 1.25" solid 304 stainless steel with satin finish

Flat bar design can stresses your shoulders & wrists

Height Limit

6'-9" (optional custom modifications for taller people)



528 lbs.

405 lbs.

Weight Capacity

500 lbs.


Unit Dimensions

24" x 90"

32" x 115"

Space Requirements

3' x 9' (requires almost 50% less space than a ROM)

5' x 11'

Power Requirements

None required (put anywhere you need it)

Standard household outlet


  • Residential - Lifetime Parts.
  • Commercial - 10 Years Parts

5 years parts. Not transferrable. The manufacturer will not sell you parts if you buy a used ROM.

Pickup your ROM Machine today! We are in Yorba Linda, CA. Call to schedule will-call. 800-989-2941

This article was published on Thursday 12 December, 2013.
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