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XLR8 POWER Trainer 4 Minute Exercise Machine

XLR8 POWER Trainer 4 Minute Exercise Machine
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MSRP: $14,995.00
Our Price: $11,995.00  $11,750.00
Savings: $3,245.00 (22%)
Model xlr8
Manufacturer Full Motion Fitness
Shipping Fee $699.00 within the contiguous 48 states. Contact us for orders outside USA.
5% shipping discount when you buy more than one.

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Seat Color:
iPod Performance Monitor:
SCOSCHE Rhythm Heart Rate Transm:
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XLR8 Power Trainer  ROM Machine by Full Motion Fitness

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Payments as low as $300 per month. CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT FINANCING



Shipping Details

Stock Status: In stock
Lead time: 1 week
Ships form: Palmyra, PA 17078 (will-call optional)
Setup: Delivered crated. Fully assembled.
Shipping within contiguous 48 states: $699 (contact us for International delivery costs)

How to order and what happens after the order is placed

Performance Display & Heart Rate Transmitter
The XLR8 requires two items to provide your performance information. FIRST ITEM: iPod, iPhone, or Android. SECOND ITEM: ANT+ heart rate transmitter. We offer iPods if you don't have any of these devices. You can choose iPod under the iPod Performance Monitor drop down. It's $200. If you don't have an ANT+ compatible hear rate transmitter, we offer the Scosche Rhythm. Choose Yes in the SCOSCHE Rhythm drop down. It's $99. The XLR8 has a built-in sensor on the fly-wheel and sends a signal to your device (iPhone, iPod, or Android and we include the ANT+ adapter receiver that plugs into your display device (such as iPhone). Your display device will require you to download the APP called Digifit. You'll need to purchase the app that includes all sensors. This way the app will pick up heart rate from your Scosche and RMP from the XLR8 fly-wheel. The machine will work regardless of any of the devices present. It's simply to supply you with feedback on your progress over time. We strongly recommend you use them to provide consistency and encouragement during a 4 minute workout.

iPhone, iPod or Android ANT+ adapter
At the bottom of the page, you'll see a picture of an iPhone with a Garmin ANT+ adapter. This adapter is included with the XLR8, but we will need to know which device you will be running. When you order, select your device brand and model under the Device Used drop down menu.

Shipping & Delivery/Setup
The XLR8 is shipped in a large wood crate fully encased. The rear handle bars are removed. All deliveries include white glove inside setup. If the machine goes up or down any flight of stairs, there is a stairway fee of $200. The crate can be delivered and put into your garage OR delivered to a tech first. If it goes to a tech first, the tech will call when they receive it to schedule delivery/setup. If you do not have a garage, we suggest to choose "Send to Tech first" under delivery options. The tech is simply to move the machine to the desired location. They will not teach you how to use it or give and advice.

Once your machine arrives, the company will contact you. Make sure you've downloaded your Digifit app so they can walk you through the settings setup for a 4 min. workout. A DVD is also provided showing exactly how to use your XLR8. Watch this immediately.

Note:photos below are the 2013 model. The photo at top left is the 2014 model now shipping. Seat color of black or red is standard. Other colors available. No mechanical changes on 2014 unit. All changes are cosmetic.

ROM (range of motion) is a category, not a brand name, that many companies are targeting. There are machines that made it to market first and there are products that are simply better. Period. That's the XLR8 Power Trainer. The challenge with these types of equipment is they are made in USA. Costs are higher. The price of steel is more costly than ever. The XLR8 Power Trainer is the heaviest hitter of them all packing in a whopping 528 pounds of steel; much of it 304 solid stainless (the most expensive rust proof steel anyone would ever use). This will not rust. It will not break down. It's the Sherman Tank of the ROM category and has a lifetime warranty. EVERYTHING about this machine is either twice as thick, twice as strong and twice the metal quality as its nearest competitor. Frankly, it's pure overkill. However, you want something of this cost to last forever and only the XLR8 will endure. GUARANTEED. In addition, XLR8 Power Trainer didn't set out to copy or knock off the original competitor. No exposed fly-wheel, no tubular hollow parts, no antiquated performance displays, no chrome that rusts, no elastic tubes to keep tension on parts, and nothing to wear. The principals of a 4 minute workout are inherent, but the way it's done is vastly improved by articulating, rotating front handles unlike any machine available. Resistance is easily adjusted WHILE you are on the machine. Simply reach over with your left hand and turn a knob. ALL competitors require you to stop, get off and put your hand inside the unit. The rear handles are designed to reduce wrist and forearm strain caused by bars that are parallel to the ground. Backed by a solid, bullet proof money back guarantee, you've got nothing to loose but time and your health. Time Doesn't Stand Still. Neither Should You.

A Key Difference in Concentric & Eccentric Resistance Activation of XLR8 Power Trainer vs. Competitors

The competitors use a momentum based fly-wheel system (like a spin bike), which lets the user "coast" and glide resistance free for as often as they wish. This is a major flaw in the high-intensity training claims made by the competitors. Much like holding a dumbbell, you have resistance in the concentric (upward contraction) and resistance and the downward motion (eccentric) of doing dumbbell curls. There is NO coasting or relaxing. The XLR8 Power Trainer works similarly. The XLR8 is designed to slow the momentum of the flywheel to keep the resistance consistent through the entire movement. The harder you push the more resistance is imposed to match your effort. If your effort increases, resistance will decrease to match your effort. 12 resistance levels determine the resistance applied.

XLR8 Power Trainer Description

XLR8 Power Trainer is the most advanced full range of motion (ROM) exercise machine ever invented. In just 4 minutes a day, you'll get a complete cardio, strength, and flexibility workout.

Quality Equipment
The XLR8 Power Trainer is made of industrial, stainless steel parts that have been constructed to last forever. It was designed to run 24/7/365 for lifetime. It can't be worn out.

This isn't a fad piece of workout equipment. It's based on proven science utilized by trained athletes for years. Hit/Hiit training is short duration, high intensity training, or high intensity interval training. Burn fat "not muscle" by working more body parts with more resistance. It's the most effective way to exercise.

Full Range of Motion
On the upper body workout, you'll work your abs, chest, triceps, biceps, forearms, back, shoulders, and lats in one motion. The lower body workout engages your quads, gluts, hamstrings, and calves. You'll have no need to spend valuable time working on individual body parts. XLR8 works them all at once.

Resistance Training
You get resistance with every movement of the XLR8 machine, giving you a more intense workout in a shorter period of time.

Note: iPod is otpional!



Training Styles

The XLR8 Power Trainer can be used on a daily basis, you will have to alternate upper body one day and lower body the next day. We recommend letting your body rest over the weekend.

After you have determined your fitness level on the easy to use adjustment knob you will be off and running.

Start out slow until you are comfortable with the movements of the XLR8 Power Trainer.

If your fitness level is on the low end of the scale, for the first week set the resistance level that at the end of the 4 min you feel as if you did a good workout but didn’t overdue it.

Slowly start increasing resistance and workout intensity over several weeks, at this point at the end of 4 minutes you should feel as if you have put out maximum effort. This is HIT Training. After you have accomplished this level of workout you should be ready for Hiit training. This stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is the most effective type of training available. Hiit is a very demanding workout so be sure you feel comfortable at this level of training.

When you begin the Hiit workout you want to start out with 15 seconds of warm up on the machine and then 10 seconds of maximum effort and then return to the 15 seconds of original warm up pace. You would continue this routine for 4 minutes. These intervals and speeds vary from person to person. You will notice that your rest periods will become shorter as you increase strength and endurance.

You will not believe the results!!

NOTE: Make sure you have consulted a physician before you begin any exercise program.




Note: unit shown in video does not have the new angled rear handles. The picutres on this site represent the latest model being sold.

XLR8 Power Trainer Features

XLR8 Power Trainer is designed to give a complete flexibility, cardiovascular and strength training workout in only four minutes per day. There are several reasons why XLR8 Power Trainer is a time-efficient, cross-training experience - there are multiple muscle groups used for each movement of the exercise combined with resistance and full range of motion.

  1. Range of motion movement that extends muscle groups up to 80% of their full range of motion.
  2. Resistance in every movement of the exercise. This machine does not allow for coasting (where the machine is in movement while you are not exerting force).
  3. Multiple position front handgrips rotate 360 degrees and handlebar rotates on a 90 degree swing, working more muscle groups than any cross trainer available. There are noadjustments to be made. Different positions can be achieved during the exercise without stopping to adjust.
  4. Large foot pads benefit the customers unlike other machines on the market with bicycle?type pedals because the XLR8 Power Trainer holds your entire foot not only for safety, but for comfort and calf-building.
  5. Magnetic Eddy Current Resistance benefits are no parts to wear, it has a smooth feel and it provides consistent resistance through the entire movement of the exercise. Also there are no electrical parts to fail.
  6. Adjustable Resistance benefits customer by providing different levels of intensity.
  7. Time! A 4-minute exercise is possible because you work out many muscle groups at the same time coupled with resistance and a full range of motion.
  8. No Impact Training
  9. Performance Monitor technology uses your iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android device with the Digifit App to monitor your perfomance and goals. iPod is optional or you can use your own device.

XLR8 Power Trainer How it Works

XLR8 Power Trainer incorporates HIT/HIIT training in one cross training machine, giving you a full range of motion workout in just 4 minutes per day.

Through full range of motion, you achieve results in a much shorter time. One day, you work your upper body, engaging your abs, chest, triceps, biceps, forearms, back, shoulders, and lats - in one motion. The next day focus on your lower body, working your quads, gluts, hamstrings, and calves. You'll have no need to spend valuable time working on individual body parts. XLR8 works them all at once.

Other high-end exercise equipment costs twice as much as the XLR8 Power Trainer, but don't have many of the unique features that the XLR8 Machine offers, including:

  • Front handles rotate 360 degrees, allowing for a wide range of hand positions that change up your workout without needing to adjust the machine.
  • Independent front arms offer a dumb bell-type workout instead of bar bell, allowing you to work far more stabilizer muscles.
  • Back foot pads support your entire foot, allowing you to work your calves more efficiently.
  • No impact on knees and hips joints and tendons.



XLR8 Power Trainer and Quick Gym Rom Machine Compare


Note: photos below are the 2013 model. The photo at top left is the 2014 model now shipping. Seat color of black or red is standard. Other colors available. No mechanical changes on 2014 unit. All changes are cosmetic.

XLR8 Power Trainer Main View ROM Machine XLR8 by Hiit Gym Elevation
Hiit Gym ROM XLR8 Rear Elevation
Hiit Gym ROM XLR8 Left Rear View
XLR8 Power Trainer Left Side View Dial Hiit Gym ROM XLR8 Pedal
XLR8 Power Trainer Front Left View
XLR8 Power Trainer Console Hiit Gym ROM XLR8 Console Information Diagram Hiit Gym ROM XLR8 Console Information Listing


XLR8 Power Trainer Specs

  • 24" W x 90'' L x 45'' H

  • Weight 528 lb

  • Height min/max: 4' - 6'' to 6' - 8''.

  • Frame/side plates: 3/8" inch solid cold rolled steel with industrial grade polyureas coating. Heat, scratch, impact, fade and rust resistant.

  • Front main vertical bar: 1 5/8" x 1.20" thick 304 stainless steel with satin finish

  • Rear handles: 1.25" solid 304 stainless steel with satin finish

  • Rear legs: 1.25" solid 304 stainless steel with satin finish

  • Front arms: 1.25" 304 stainless steel with satin finish

  • Front articulating handles: solid 304 stainless steel with satin finish

  • Foot pads: .25" inch solid cold rolled steel with same coating as frame

  • Internal components: industrial grade

  • Seats are industrial grade black man made leather with 304 stainless steel back plates. Optional custom color upholstery available

  • All nuts, bolts, and shafts are solid stainless steel

  • High quality industrial bearings

  • All sprockets are custom made industrial strength with a hard nickel chrome coating

  • Rear base plate 3/8" in solid steel with an industrial polyureas coating

  • Fly wheel is a computer balanced .75" thick solid cold rolled steel with silver powder coating

  • Black "soft touch" hand grips

  • Magnetic eddy current resistance (self adjusting resistance with 10 resistance levels).

  • iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Android uses Digifit app for sensors that measure time, speed, heart rate, watts, calories, etc. (a true fitness computer) downloadable to your computer for fitness analysis. Apple requirements: compatible with Garmin/Other ANT= HRMs, Scoshe myTREK/Rythm (Bluetooth Classic) and Polar H7 (Bluetooth Smart/BLE). iPhone 4S / 5 / iPad 3 Only - The Polar H7 uses the new Bluetooth technology called Bluetooth Smart which is only available in the new iPhone 4S / 5 and iPad 3. No Digifit Connect required.
    Android requirements: Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth Classic, Scosche myTREK (Bluetooth Classic), Scosche Rhythm (Bluetooth Classic), Polar H7 (Bluetooth Smart/BLE).

  • Space Requirements
    3' x 9' (requires almost 50% less space than a ROM)

  • Power Requirements
    None required (put anywhere you need it)



customized name plate for the XLR8 Power Trainer



All XLR8 machines are hand made.
A customized name plate with serial number is placed on the rear of the back rest.



  • Residential - Lifetime parts.
  • Commercial - 10 Years Parts

Options: SCOSCHE Rhythm Heart Rate Transmitter

Pulse Monitor & Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone main view Pulse Monitor & Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone Pink
Pulse Monitor & Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone user Pulse Monitor & Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone Track

Fore more information about SCOSCHE Rhythm Heart Rate Transmitter - click here

Garmin ANT+ adapter for xlr8 machineiPhone shown here with included Garmin ANT+ adapter. This is the receiver for the fly-wheel that transmits RPM. Please specify your device brand and model to be sure we include the correct adapter.


XLR8 Power Trainer


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